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I Trust the Guidance I Receive From my Creator.

I trust the guidance I receive from my Creator.


However, I acknowledge that there are times when I become anxious and impatient if my desires seem unmet. I get frustrated with my circumstances. But then I realize that I am trying to take matters into my own hands instead of relying on spiritual guidance.


When I realize my impatience is leading me nowhere, I take a quiet moment to reconnect with my Creator. I ask for the patience to follow the lead provided and wait on an answer which I know is forthcoming.


When I trust my spiritual guidance and act in accordance with that certainty, I feel confident, optimistic, and free from worry. I am certain that my intuition is leading me down a positive path of blessings and abundance.


Today, I commit to strengthening my spiritual trust. I recognize that waiting on answers can be challenging, but every answer I receive is worth the wait. I vow to use those answers to direct my path to true joy and contentment.


Self-Reflection Questions:


  1. Am I able to use the blessings in my life as examples of why it is important to wait on the Creator?

  2. Do I ever have expectations that I feel are not met? How can I best handle these feelings?

  3. How can I use the Creator’s guidance as assistance in making life choices?

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