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Letting go of Resentment to Heal my Mind, Body, and Soul.

Keeping resentment inside of me poisons me, both mentally and physically. Therefore, I release it. It is no longer a part of my life and I embrace joy and good feelings instead. As I let it go, I feel the healing begin.


My mental attitude is shifting to the positive. I can see the good in people again. I can feel the joy of everyday moments now that my mind is no longer clouded with constant resentment. I feel stress-free, lighter and happier than I have been in a long time!


I can see the beauty that is all around me and I can focus on what is good. Now that my mind is outputting positive energies, I can feel that I am attracting good things back to me, and I have better hopes and expectations for the future.


My body is clearing itself of the toxins produced by the negative emotions of resentment. I can enjoy better health and a stronger immune system now that it does not have to use its resources to fight those poisons.


Releasing resentment is a cleansing experience. Now that I no longer harbor such darkness, I feel closer to the clean perfection that I am meant to experience and my soul is refreshed!


I let resentment go and I am glad it's gone.


Today, I plan to approach life with a positive attitude and avoid any tendency to hold in resentment for anything that happens. I can let bygones be bygones, and focus on moving forward to where I want to be.




Self-Reflection Questions:


       1. Am I harboring resentment from past experiences? How can I let it go?

       2. If I resent someone who is currently involved in my life, what can I do to change my attitude?

       3. How will my life change for the better by releasing my resentment?

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